I know I’m not the only mom who thinks about safety for her child.

When I think of safety for my child, I think of the usual;

Washing hands after being in a public area.

Staying up to date with a doctor visit

Make sure they don’t talk to strangers.

Not eating junk food.

You know the typical things us mom think about.

But you know what I never thought about? my child’s identity. This is something I was sure I wouldn’t have to worry about till my child was at least at a legal age. I was sure I wouldn’t have to worry about their social security being stolen and their identity being used illegally.

Thanks to IDENTRON I was informed otherwise! I now know the ugly truth every parent anticipates. Knowing that my child’s identity could be stolen as early as now is extremely scary for me as a mom. I couldn’t imagine trying to enroll my kids in college only to find out their identity has been stolen. What should be a happy experience has now turned into a catastrophe. It is possible that 25% of children will become victims of identity theft before they turn 18. That’s extremely high, and now it’s sinking in that could potentially be one of mine.

As a mom, we want to pick up all the pieces for our kids. We want to send our children into the real world greatly prepared. After all, preparation is key.

You wouldn’t think twice about opening a savings account for your child. Would you? Of course not, I have one set up for both my children. When the time is right they will have something to fall back on. Right?

So why not secure their safety? Their identity?


  • Monitors: SSN & credit inquiries 
  • Dark web scanning for personal identifying information
  • Local sex offender registry monitoring
  • $1 million insurance policy for stolen funds and reimbursement costs
  • “Rapid Response DNA/Child identity kit”
  • RFID credit card protection sleeves
  • Laptop webcam privacy cover
  • Identity restoration experts and much more.

It’s great knowing I can be one step ahead in securing my child’s future. I want to be able to do it all but that’s obviously not the case. However, knowing there’s something like IDENTRON to help me makes me sleep better at night. Especially as a mom who constantly worries about what is best for her children. I know I’m not the only one.

Safety for our children starts with us.


If you would like more information on Identity Protection Planning please visit

For information on IDENTRON identity theft protection plans please visit

or you can email questions to



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