Something about having a little girl that makes you want to just be better than you’ve ever been.

You make me want more for myself.

I am happy and content with being a stay at home mom but something about bringing her into this world just made me want to combat everything in life I’ve always wanted to do. I have this little girl who already looks up to me. She loves how I sing to her and I can’t even reach the correct note. She loves how I read to her how I do her hair everything you can think of she just loves.

I hope one day you’re proud of me

There is nothing wrong with being a stay at home mom. I’m proud of raising my tribe with all of me. I sacrificed a lot so I can be able to do more for them. And if she chooses to be a stay at home mom when she’s older I will be just as proud as if she decided to study law.

Give it all and then some.

I want her to be fearless

I want her to pick herself up every time she falls

I want her to always be kind in a world that isn’t so nice

I want her to love her self no matter how she looks

And I want her to be confident in all that she does

The sweetest doll

Isn’t it crazy how proud I am of you?

You make me want so much more out of life and I am forever grateful for you. I will lead you through life and guide you every step I can. I promise to hug you when you are sad. I promise to make you your favorite meals when you ask. I promise to love you when you feel you don’t know how. I promise to wipe your tears after your first heartbreak. I promise to always be there.

I love you, my little girl


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