Life happens wine helps!

This is the post excerpt.

When I say life happens wine helps I don’t mean I drink wine all day I just mean it’s a major help when you have four kids including one your that’s husband one that’s your stepdaughter one that’s a toddler and one that’s just three months old. I start my day with coffee I end my day with wine (if I’m lucky) it’s a good way to balance! I’m starting this blog to share with you how hard marriage can be, how hard parenting can be, how hard being a stay at home mom can be (really it’s the hardest job I’ve ever had). I don’t plan on sugarcoating anything because let’s face it that’s not the honest truth! the honest truth is I love my life and everything that is in it. However,  there are some moments where I feel like I’ve lost myself but then there are moments where I realize I literally found who I am through these little souls that live through me including my husband. I love my life and I honestly would not change it but I feel I have so much to say and you know I think my Toddler and my three-month-old…..I don’t think they understand me. Yes, I admit I’ve tried to have conversations with them (but who doesn’t). I completely bombarded my husband when he walks through that door from work I miss human contact so much sometimes that I go crazy face timing family members,  they’re completely over me trust me so hopefully, I get to shed some light on my parenting struggles. Because who doesn’t have those and yeah we’ll see where goes from there.

Blogger fail

Or should I say mommy fail?

This week has kicked my ass in every which way.

I’m ready for the weekend and even more ready for the holidays!

This weekend I’m gonna catch up and discuss my thanksgiving favs!

Stay tuned! This was short I promise it’s not writers block. The kids are sleeping and I should be too.


This has completely been me this past week. I’m ready for a nap five days ago. Today I left my house in pajama pants and crazy red fuzzy socks.

I desperately need sleep.

Keeping it short

Because while the baby is sleeping I should try an get something done.

Good cop, Bad cop

Parenting is never easy especially when you have to parent together. You have to learn to be a team. You made these babies together and you have to finally pick your battles. Me and my husband have two different outlooks on parenting.

Good cop, this is completely my husband. He is extremely laid back and really never bothered which has its pros and cons.

Bad cop, completely me. No questions asked I’m the one who enforces dinner time, homework time. I have chore charts and I enforce a lot more structure in the house.

No questions asked I feel like I’m running a tight ship. My husband feels like “kids will be kids, so just let them” and yeah I agree in a lot of ways he’s right. That’s why I don’t mind our differences it’s almost a middle a balance if you might call it.

The most thing I admire about my husband is what an awesome an amazing father he is to our children.

I don’t have a close-knit relationship with my father. Growing up I always envisioned my children having both parents present. I’m so fortunate that this is the case.

I love my husband but watching him love my babies makes me fall in love with him so much more.

I am a “WO-MOM”, Hear me rawr.

This was the last time I dolled myself up I don’t do it as much as I like. Because well… this and baby spit up don’t really go. I remember crying to my husband the first time I was pregnant I was telling him I didn’t want to lose myself. That didn’t go as planned I gained a whopping 100lbs Yikes!. Four years later I struggled to lose the weight by my second pregnancy I knew things had to be different because I didn’t want to pack on more lbs. So I ate right and actually lost weight (thank god because I couldn’t afford to gain more.)

A girl will steal your beauty and she did.

These days my go-to attire is yoga pants and work out gear. I’m not really working out I’m just wearing it. My husband was sweet enough to buy me all new makeup since I was feeling like a drought. He tells me I don’t need it… And he’s probably right but there’s no better feeling than a good lipstick. Am I right?

Backtrack to my wedding day where I just felt FABULOUS! Everything about this was right prosecco was on point and I was beyond glammed up.

But for now, I’m rocking the no makeup look

All I can say it’s been quite refreshing!

So back to what I’m really saying its so easy to feel like you’ve lost yourself as a mom. From the beginning, you naturally go through alot. From your uterus and everything else being stretched, you not being able to do your hair as much as you use to so you’ve been rocking the bun look. Or the chapstick is the new lipstick and if you don’t have that your pulling out your babies a&d (do not judge me it’s been cold and my lips were in need of hydration it was one time and I’m not ashamed)

Make yourself feel good!

Throw on that bold new lipstick, make your lashes fuller than they ever been. Take that tag off that new shirt. Don’t lose yourself if anything embrace what you are. Your title as a mom goes a long way. I remind myself “wow, you are more beautiful than ever” and I am I’ve birthed two beautiful babies I’ve lost weight I’ve gained. I may or may have not waxed in the past year but I mean who cares (I need to make an appointment, seriously) the point is..

You are a mom

A beautiful one

So rawr!

Rewind, Fast Forward and Pause

This year my world was changed for the better I gave birth to the sweetest girl. I remember that day like it was yesterday I knew I was in labor I just didn’t want to be. I was 37 weeks just like when I gave birth to my son. I even sent my husband to work I figure false alarm boy oh boy was I wrong.

Fast Foward

My baby is a week shy away from being four months.


When I first held her in my arms and the love was instant.


Because if I could stop time I would this is all happening way too fast.

My pregnancy was hell I was sick all the time and could barely function. My cesarean was the absolute worst recovery. I still don’t know how I did it but I know this much if I could go back in time I would. Just when you think you’re complete your really not. My heart is always so full of the love from my sweet babies.

Say it but mean it

Why is it as mom’s we find it so hard to indulge in ourselves? I found myself scarfing down my dinner while trying to spoon feed my toddler and bottle feed my 3month old. My husband completely offered help but me being me of course! I said no I can do it! Which of course I can. I can do it in my sleep, to be honest.

But why!?? Why go through that trouble?? Especially when you have help!

It makes no sense but I am 100% sure.. No wait 1000% sure I am not alone in this. As mom’s we easily bite off more than we can chew because let’s face it. It’s just in our nature.

Then BOOM it happened you finally become so overwhelmed you find your self hiding in the pantry closet crying your eyes out. You know just your typical Thursday night (at least that’s mine)

Breath and Reboot

I personally am guilty of not taking my own advice. Anyone else? I will try tomorrow with me. Wish me luck.

Falling into fall

As tired as I was this morning as I walked my son to school he was taken back by all the pretty trees and leaves. He asked if he could pick one to take to his teachers. At this moment I was reassured not only is my son the absolute sweetest but I was raising a gentlemen.

“Don’t wait to make your son a great man, Make him a great boy.”